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Educate the people about the right kind of living.
Demonstrate the beneficial effects of naturopathy .
Research of the effect of naturopathy in chronic diseases.

Welcome to Snehlata Naturopathy Center

Snehlata naturopathy center is located at shantivan its 10km from panvel. Its surrounded by matheran mountain. Shantivan surrounded by 122 akers of areas we had planted 60 thousand plants in 25years Thats why the environment of snehlata naturopathy center is always fresh.

Snehlata Naturetherapy center was started at November 1992. Pure Naturetherapy is given, through which sick people will be made healthier and we also teach the people how to stay healthier. People cured by the NatureTherapy provided by us tell their experinence to most of the people who are not aware about the naturetherapy.By this Naturetherapy whole society would be healthier and strong.In Snehalatha Naturetherapy center 15 ladies and 15 gents can stay . Don't take any medicines or injection who are sick just come to the nature therapy take treatment go home with good health.We give tips how to take care of our health.Students must aware about the naturetherapy through education.Its our opinion that student from rural area's must aware and study about the the nature therapy so that they can give treatment to the people living in rural areas.

HealthWay of your succesfull

The Way of your succesfull life start from here.

CoursesNaturopathy Studies

Syllabus of one and half year of naturopathy.

TreatmentsTreatment in Ashram

The Way of your succesfull life start from here.

Our StaffThe Subheading here

The Way of your succesfull life start from here.


  1. Fast once a week by eating fruits and vegetables.
  2. Daily have sunbath & do yoga in fresh environment.
  3. Daily keep body neat and clean.
  4. To have good blood circulations wear loose cloths and shoes daily.
  5. Everyday yoga, walking must be done.
  6. With the help of doing yoga & night sleep must be 6 to 7 hours, you will be free from tiredness during day time.
  7. Give important to your health and safety and avoid your illness and problems.
  8. Follows yoga daily and have peaceful life.


I have been benefited with the treatment from this center and i got relief in my dieses and now i am 100% cure from it. Thanks to center.

Mr. Damle
CEO Being Vision.